Removing Wax from Containers

Ever wonder what to do with the container that you have left over after burning a candle all the way down? Throwing it away seems so wasteful, especially if it came in a particularly cool container. There are actually several ways that you can clean out a glass candle container once the candle is spent.

When dealing with candles, remember to use materials that you won’t mind getting a little wax on. It just happens sometimes!

Microwave: This method is really not recommended because most candles have a metal sustainer piece at the bottom. Don’t put metal in your microwave!

Oven: Set your oven to the lowest temperature possible, or around 100°. Depending on the size of the container, you may want to use an oven safe dish to hold the containers so they don’t fall off the grate. This method doesn’t do much for removing labels. It usually doesn’t affect them at all so it is a good method if you want to preserve the label.

It usually doesn’t take very long for the wax to melt. It’s best to just keep an eye on it. Remember, the wax is combustible so don’t forget about it! You only need to leave it in long enough to melt the wax. Once the wax has melted, use a towel or hot pad to remove it from the oven (it will be HOT) and pour the remaining wax and metal sustainer into a proper receptacle or something you can dispose of. A used tin can or something similar would work. It cools quickly once poured so I even get away with pouring it in the trash so long as it is full enough to contain it without it getting to the plastic bag (or save the wax for other projects). Try to get as much wax out as you can. I use paper towels to really soak it all up.

Stovetop: Use an old sauce pan and put a couple of inches of water in the pan. Put the old candle in the water and heat it, but don’t let it boil; medium is usually fine. Water that is too hot may compromise the integrity of the container. The hot water will melt the wax. This method is also good for removing labels from the outside of the container if it has them. Dispose of the wax the same way as above. Remember – the glass will be hot!!

Once you have cleaned as much wax as you can, clean the glass well and use it again for anything you want! It is important to clean it well if you want to use it in the kitchen, but you can use a basic dish cleaner or detergent that you have around. Nothing fancy needed! Just be sure to clean it well.

Pretty easy right? This is a great way to reuse all of those old glass containers and do something fun with them. Luna Lucerna containers make good drinking glasses but you can also get creative and use old candle containers for other projects or crafts! Or make your own candles!

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