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Soy Wood Wick Candles and their Benefits - Imagine yourself relaxing at home with the delicious fragrance of your Soy Wood Wick Candle drifting around the room. The peaceful crackle of the wick bringing you to a calm, relaxed state. This could be you! Luna Lucerna’s Soy Wood Wick candles are superior to standard candles for many reasons!   You can enjoy these […]
Rosewater & Witch Hazel Facial Toner - Does facial care really need to be so complicated? I have found some pretty simple answers ┬áto simplifying my daily routine. Use this daily facial toner to moisturize your face and improve tone and texture! I have been using this same recipe for probably about 10 years now. It’s gentle and effective! There’s nothing harsh […]
Problems with Wick & Burning - Wood wicks behave differently than standard wicks and sometimes people have trouble getting them to burn properly. In most cases, this is easily prevented. The first time a candle (any candle) is lit, it should be allowed to burn the full width of the container. This will prevent “tunneling” from beginning – a frequent cause […]
Removing Wax from Containers - Ever wonder what to do with the container that you have left over after burning a candle all the way down? Throwing it away seems so wasteful, especially if it came in a particularly cool container. There are actually several ways that you can clean out a glass candle container once the candle is spent. […]